Developing a Strategy for Media Advocacy


Jim Ambrose's tesimony video on the Interface Project's website

Jim Ambrose's tesimony video on the Interface Project's website

  • Service: Organizational Coaching
  • Intervention Method: Course Correction
  • Area of Work: Human Rights
  • Client:  The Interface Project is a media project that uses video to increase the visibility of intersex people. 
  • Challenge: Interface had existed since 2012 and had a small catalogue of video testimonials of intersex people.  Yet they were unsure how to use the videos they had created strategically to redress human rights abuses against intersex people.
  • Consultation:  Through a series of remote consultations via video conference, Mary and Jim Ambrose, Interface's curator, developed a media advocacy strategy (see slides below). The strategy aims to end the most egregious abuse of intersex people - traumatizing and unnecessary surgeries on newborns - by targeting expectant parents via parenting blogs.   
  • Result:  With this new strategic focus, Jim pitched three parenting blogs on the inresex story idea and two accepted.  The next step is to measure how many parents read the articles and to see if any of those readers' minds are changed as to the treatment of their intersex children.
  • Time (Consultation → Result):  20 days

Example Work Product

Media advocacy plan prepared by Mary Joyce for the Interface Project and shared with their permission:

Jim's Story

In his own words, here's Jim's video for the Interface Project: