Impact Design Keynote: Future of Filmmaking Conference

Impact Design Cycle 20180622.png

Today I had the opportunity to present a keynote at the Future of Filmmaking Virtual Conference

The presentation (below) describes how to use the impact design cycle (right) to create media for social change.

The presentation also includes the case study of VR Action Lab, a six-month virtual reality impact project I led for the organization Harmony Labs in 2017-2018.

For VR Action Lab, three filmmakers from diverse backgrounds were selected to create three original virtual reality (VR) films to address one social problem: teen bullying.  Co-designing the experiences with the young audience was a central part of the creative process.  

In the project trailer, below, the three filmmakers describe their experiences being part of VR Action Lab.

The project also resulted in the creation (L ro R) of an impact design guide, a classroom curriculum for teachers, and a briefing book used to present the larger social context of teen bullying to the filmmakers.  All these guides, which I wrote or co-wrote, are available for free download.

I am happy to answer questions about VR Action Lab or other elements of my impact design work.  Please contact me by using the link below.