Activism Projects

#DoBigGood for America

In addition to teaching activism and supporting activists, I like to do activism projects myself.  It helps me keep my skills sharp and express my own support for human rights, social justice, and good governance. 

Despite near-daily transgressions against democratic norms and the rule of law, there will be no accountability for President Trump unless Democrats have the institutional power to do so.  Midterm elections are coming in November and we have the opportunity and responsibility to act.

Media Activism for the Midterms

To win back control of the House of Representatives, Democrats need to win 23 seats in the midterm elections. To make this a reality, I'm taking a road trip around the country, volunteering in swing districts across the country and highlighting the work of other activists fighting for it. You can get involved:

  • Follow the journey on Facebook or Twitter

  • Share your story of why and how you are getting active in the midterms (see form below). I'll include some stories in future videos.


Volunteering completed as of October 30th




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