Our Approach

At Do Big Good, our nimble, practical process for creating social change works at three levels:

Macro = Vision

Vision is the “what” of impact design, the grand strategy. Here goals are clarified, target audiences and metrics identified, and theories of change created.

Meso = Methods

Methods are the “how” of impact design. Here tactics are selected, minimum viable content designed and deployed, versions tested and iterated, measurements, data, and feedback collected, new versions deployed.

Micro = Self

Self is the “who” of impact design. In fact, the who is always you. Here is where personal awareness helps a project move forward through practices of intention and openness while fear of failure and judgement and other blocks to learning are addressed directly.

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We brinG STARTUP methods from the tech sector...

For decades, startups in Silicon Valley have been developing and refining methods of rapid testing and iteration to use scarce resources to find solutions that resonate with their audiences. 

Believe it or not, massive companies like Facebook, AirBNB, and DropBox started out as tiny operations with no money and few staff.  They were pragmatic and unsentimental in testing their assumptions, collecting evidence, and changing the way they worked to get from "plan A to the plan the works." 

...to the social sector. 

Do Big Good helps your organization do the same through simple methods of testing, learning, and adaptation that are easy to understand and cost only a little time to implement.

Why It's Needed

Addressing hard problems...

Impact design is needed because advocacy is hard. The social problems we seek to change are complex and change-resistant. (If they weren’t, activism wouldn’t be necessary).

By Adapting First Guesses into Real Successes

Because of this complexity, our first guesses about how to make change will inevitably be wrong in some way.  There is no shame in this!  But there is a problem if we refuse to test, learn, and adapt our approaches. 

Are you ready?

Are you ready to try something different?  To work faster and leaner?  To test your assumptions?  To change when the evidence indicates that current methods aren't working?  To really make the social change you dream of?  That is what this new world requires.  

We can help.

Your Guide

Mary Joyce has ten years' global experience working at the intersection of innovation and social change in political, academic, and civic contexts.  She was New Media Operations Manager for President Obama's 2008 campaign, is author of the 2010 book Digital Activism Decoded, and is the co-founder of the Digital Activism Research Project at the University of Washington. 

Her unique background makes her perfectly suited to translate the lessons of digital startup culture into the social change space.  Mary's training includes:

Since 2006, Mary has been an international advisor, trainer, and public speaker on topics related to advocacy and activism strategy, digital technology, media, and civic innovation.  

Having lived in India, Ghana, Chile, and Morocco, she currently resides in Seattle, where she is an avid bike commuter despite the rain. 

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Mary Joyce
Founder &  Chief Strategist

📩 mary @ dobiggood . com