Impact Planning

Impact planning is the first step of the social change strategy process. During this phase, we clarify the goal of your social impact project and create a theory of change that clarifies the causal links between your organization’s actions and the realization of those goals. The theory of change is then visualized in a logic model, which will guide implementation, measurement, and adaptation as your project progresses.


Theory of Change

Video Explainer

At DoBigGood, impact planning begins by helping you clearly state your strategy. One way to state that strategy is by creating a theory of change, a visualized set of expectations about how your actions will achieve your goal.

In this 5-minute video, you will learn about the many meanings of the term theory of change (idea, method, diagram, statement) and how they fit together to help you be more effective.


Logic Models



The ARC (Action ▶ Response ▶ Change) logic model is a simple theory of change diagram developed by DoBigGood for those just starting out in impact planning.

This free 2-sided worksheet includes:

  1. A diagram for you and your team to sketch out the basic assumptions of your social impact project

  2. A reverse side with examples and an “extra credit” activity on risk analysis


Video Explainer

Before you begin the ARC worksheet, check out this 4-minute video on logic models as a tool of impact planning.

It explains the theory behind the ARC (Action ▶ Response ▶ Change) model and explains why creating a logic model is such an important part of planning social impact.