Social Justice

Finding the Right Audience


  • Service: Private Coaching
  • Intervention Method: Launch
  • Area of Work: Social Justice
  • Client:  Mike Amegashie is the co-creator of LANORA, a software tool that allows nonprofits to collect data and track outcomes. 
  • Challenge: Mike was having trouble recruiting users to test early versions of the software and give feedback.
  • Consultation:  Working with Mike through phone calls and email, I helped him develop profiles and tactics for the individuals most likely to test his software – early adopters with vision, commitment, and a desire for a better software solution.
  • Result:  Mike now has five organizations who have committed to test his software by the end of the summer.
  • Time (Consultation → Result):  five weeks
A mock-up of the LANORA interface

A mock-up of the LANORA interface

Mike's Story

Mike Amegashie envisions the right tools uplifting and empowering nonprofits.

“I believe nonprofits can be better positioned as leaders of change in their community and…society as a whole,” he wrote me, “if they are well equipped with the right technology/tool.  I believe with the right tool they can understand the root cause.”  They can “improv[e] outcomes and finally connect compelling success stories with data.”

For Mike, data is the key to both realizing impact and demonstrating it to stakeholders.

“If nonprofits are equipped with the right data collection tools and systems,” he writes, “they can easily prove their social impact to the community they serve and to their funders.”

Mike Amegashie

Mike Amegashie

This vision caused Mike, a native of Ghana, to work with friend Calvin Todd to co-found LANORA, which means compassion and light.  While Mike has a background in industrial engineering and business, other LANORA members bring complementary skills.   The team includes experts in data analysis, program evaluation, and user experience.

About working with me, Mike said, “The advice you gave us has served us in greater ways and made our path steady….  A simple email conversation with you clarified our approach and validated our thinking around the profile of our early adopters….  All the advice you gave us has been used and we find it all helpful.”

Mike and his team are now focused on the summer deployment.  They then plan to engage more organizations once they prove the software with the initial group of five.  He remains committed to his vision: building software that “helps nonprofits prove their impact to both their communities and funders.”